The Pamintuan Jeepney
Jesus Pamintuan

Both a jeepney enthusiast and a scale hobbyist, Jesus Pamintuan recreates the jeepney on a 1:32 scale. Approximate size: 6.5 inches. The work has been featured in a photo gallery section of the Scale Auto Magazine.

Jesus Pamintuan. . . I started the project in 1991,without the use of high tech tools. I just used a trusty old xacto knife, some old files and promotional saw blades and finished the project in 2003. The longest probably i worked on the model was 8 hours in a day . . .What took so long was the small details . . . like the small padlock on the spare wheel, the Five peso coin in the small box, the velvet upholstery on the ceiling . . I used only scrap and junk materials since items available on hobby shops are so expensive, with the exception of the wheels, tires and exhaust which i found in surplus shops. .

The project was conceived really to showcase a true jeepney form, wherein a former American who was based in Clark made a 'Philippine Taxi' as he called it and used a Toyota Land Cruiser, embellished it with trimmings jeepney style. It was also shown in the same magazine i think sometime September 1991.

I never considered putting it into mass production because what i really had in mind was simply to 'correct' a wrong interpretation and to showcase a bit of this wonderful Filipino Heritage with a twist of modern styling.

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