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Family Polypodiaceae
Dryopteris heterocarpa (Blume) O. Kuntze
Yi guo mao jue

Scientific names Common names
Aspidium lobatum Christ Tri-vein fern (Engl.) ?
Aspidium heterocarpon Blune  
Asplenium heterocarpum Blume  
Cyclosorus heterocarpus (Blume) Ching  
Dryopteris heterocarpa (Blume) O. Kuntze  
Dryopteris subhispidula Rosenst.  
Dryopteris taiwanensis C. Chr.  
Nephrodium glaucostipes Bedd.  
Nephrodium heterocarpum T. Moore  
Yi guo mao jue (Chin.)  

Dryopteris heterocarpa is a terrestrial fern with short, stout, creeping rhizomes clothed with brown scales. Stipes are tufted, scaly at the base and 30 to 50 centimeters long. Fronds are large, 30 to 90 centimeters long. Pinnae are linear-lanceolate, sessile, and 1 to 2 centimeters wide. Rachis and lower surface of the leaves are hairy, particularly on the veins, and are densely covered with yellow glands. Sori are medial, few or 6 to 9 on a side. Indusium is small.

- Not common in the Philippines.
- Reported in Benguet, Bataan, and Laguna Provinces in Luzon, and Palawan.
- Also occurs south to Java, including the Malay Peninsula.

Parts used


Young fronds reportedly eaten by the Pagan tribes of Western Pahang.
Leaves used by the Malays, rubbed on the skin for leukoderma.


Last Update November 2012

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
Dryopteris heterocarpa (Blume) Kuntze / The Plant List
Cyclosorus heterocarpus / Chinese name / Catalogue of Life, China

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