The Philippine Jeepney: Blue, low budget, and Benz / StuartXchange. Jeepney Collection No. 6




Generic low-budget passenger jeepney. Mostly galvanized, including the grille-work. Its sole decorative detail is the oversized matching blue Mercedes-Benz emblem on the unpainted galvanized grille. The Mercedes-Benz, long a symbol of automotive luxury , continues to be one of the valued and defining items of ownership by the burgis, upper class and New Rich. And of all the upscale automotive logos, the Benz emblem is the most preferred grille accessory or hood emblazonement on the jeepney. PANG-MAYAMAN, TINGIN MAYAMAN, PORMANG MAYAMAN, they say. It's a proletarian 'up-yours' statement, amusing, comic, and so Pinoy.

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