It's a can of sardines.

. . . shoulder-unto-armpit, back-unto-chest, shoulder-unto-shoulder, elbow-unto-hipbone, unavoidable thigh-on-thigh intimacy, butts accommodating forward to the seat's edge as another squooshes back to mold into tight spaces. . .

This passenger jeepney packs in 22 passengers, 20 in the back, 10 facing each other plus 2 in front and the driver. Some can pack as much as 28 in the back. And that's some can of sardines.

And in the too narrow aisle-space left between knees, there are occasional tote bags, books, groceries and shopping bags. The jeepney usually waits until it's filled to capacity. For most, it is a daily sufferance. A lottery of odors in too-cramped spaces. But it's affordable transportation for the masa and in many places, the only mode of available transpo.

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