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Family Fabaceae
Parosela glandulosa (Blanco) Merr.

Scientific names Common names
Amorpha glandulosa Blanco Agogo (Tag.)
Parosela glandulosa (Blanco) Merr. Chang-parang (Tag.)
Parosela nigra Rose
Dura (Pang.)
Dalea alopecuroides Blanco Durang-parang (Tag.)
Dalea nigra Mart. & Gal. Kamañgi (Tag.)
Dalea glandulosa Merr. Sampalok-sampalokan (Tag.)
Dalea leporina (Alton) Bullock Foxtail (Engl.)
  Prairie clover (Engl.)
Parosela glandulosa (Blanco) Merr. is an accepted name (No synomys are recorded) The Plant List
Amorpha glandulosa Blanco is a synonym of Dalea cliffortiana Willd. The Plant List
Amorpha glandulosa Blanco reports Parosela glandulosa (Blanco) Merr. as basionym. Tropicos
Sampalok-sampalokan (kamañgi, P. glandulosa) as common name has confusing similarity with Sampa-sampalukan (Phyllanthus niruri, seed-under leaf)

Kamañgi is an erect, branched, nearly smooth herb, 30 to 60 cm high. Stems are reddish or purplish. Leaves are about 3 cm long. Leaflets are linear to narrowly oblong, 4 to 10 mm long, prominently glandular-punctate beneath. Spikes are dense, capitate ovoid to oblong, 1 to 2 cm long. Flowers are very numerous, each subtended by a lanceolate, long-acuminate, hairy, glandular

- Abundant on open dry slopes at low and medium altitudes, ascending up to 1,300 meters.
- Introduced from Mexico.

Parts used
Leaves, stems, roots.


- Decoction of roots taken as a cold drink for hemoptysis.
- Juice of fresh leaves used as vulnerary, the baggase applied as cataplasm on wounds.
- Ash of leaves and stems used as cicatrizant.

No studies found.


Last Update May 2015

IMAGE SOURCE: Public Domain / Dalea leporina (Aiton) Bullock foxtail prairie clove / FBritton, N.L., and A. Brown. 1913. An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions. Vol. 2: 367. Courtesy of Kentucky Native Plant Society / USDA

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