M I S C E L L A N E O U S     T H E R A P I E S

In the rural areas of Quezon province, animal bites, most commonly by dogs, cause considerable concern for rabies. Despite the few hundred cases of rabies reported annually, traditional treatment is usually not sought. Due to cost and economic constraints, and also because of age-old myths and folklore, initial consultation is often with the albularyo who may offer a variety or combination of treatments from his folkloric medicinal bag.

Of the treatment options, KUDLIT is the most frequently suggested and performed treatment for dog, animal and other presumed venomous bites. The practice of "kudlit" involves the application of numerous superficial (razor) blade cuts, as many as 30-100, in the areas adjacent to or surrounding the bite, inducing multiple bleeding sites that is believed to release the "kamandag" (poison). Follow-up visits and treatments - in one week, one month and six months - are common, and even after a year , despite the absence of any signs or symptoms, if the arbularyo suspects that the 'kamandag' or poison is still present, most patients will readily consent to another 'kudlit' treatment.


Bintusa Pagtutuli (Circumcision) 
Bulong and Orasyon  Pwe-Usog, Pwe-buyag 
Cadot  Suob 
Kudlit  Tapal 
Lunas Tawak 
Luop  Tawas 
 Magasawang Gamot  Other Anecdotal Therapies 

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