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Family Oleaceae
Jasminum elongatum (P.J.Bergius) Willd.


Scientific names  Common names
Jasminum acuminatissimum Blume Chaksil (Ig.)
Jasminum aemulum R.Br. Dingsil (Ig.)
Jasminum affine Blume      [Illegitimate] Horohamorauon (P. Bis.)
Jasminum amplexicaule Buch.-Ham. ex Wall & G.Don Manoahiyas (C. Bis.)
Jasminum arenarium Ridl. Manol (C. Bis)
Jasminum bifarium Wall. & G.Don Manomonot (Ilk.)
Jasminum bracteatum Roxb. Sampagitaing-gubat (Tag.)
Jasminum distichum Blume Chinese jasmine (Engl.)
Jasminum ensatum Blume Climbing jasmine (Engl.)
Jasminum esquirolii H.Lév Ear-leaf jasmine (Engl.)
Jasminum evansii Ridl.  
Jasminum forstenii Blume  
Jasminum fraternum Miq.  
Jasminum fulvum Blume  
Jasminum gibbsiae Ridl.  
Jasminum glabriusculum Blume  
Jasminum glabrum Willd. ex Link  
Jasminum heteropleurum Blume  
Jasminum horsfieldii Miq.  
Jasminum ixoroides Elm.  
Jasminum lancifolim Decne.  
Jasminum lessertianum A.DC.  
Jasminum liingustrinum Blume  
Jasminum lingustroides L.C.Chia  
Jasminum mixtinervium Blume  
Jasminum mixtinervium Blume  
Jasminum multinervium Blume  
Jasminum nummularoides Blume  
Jasminum pedale Blume  
Jasminum pendulum Blume  
Jasminum quinquenervium Blume  
Jasminum subelongatum Blume  
Jasminum subpubescens Blume  
Jasminum tonkinense Gagnep.  
Jasminum triandrum C.E.C.Fisch.  
Jasminum vulcanicum Blume  
Jasminum elongatum (P.J.Bergius) Lam.  
Jasminum elongata P.J.Bergius  
Quisumbing's compilation lists Jasminum ixoroides Elm. as a synonym of J. bifarium.
Jasminum bifarium Wall. & G.Don is a synonym of Jasminum elongatum (P.J.Bergius) Willd. . The Plant List
Jasminum elongatum (P.J.Bergius) Willd. is an accepted name. The Plant List

Other vernacular names
MALAYSIA: Jarum ali.

Sampaguitang-gubat is a shrub or woody climber growing to a height of 2 meters. Leaves are oblong-ovate, about 10 centimeters long, 5 centimeters wide, the upper ones smaller, pointed at the apex and broadly rounded at the base. Flowers are white and usually fragrant, borne on terminal inflorescences. Calyx is turbinate and terminating into setose segments. Corolla is smooth, its tube twice as long as the calyx, with oblong lobes rotately spreading. Berries are usually ellipsoid, less than 1 centimeter long, fleshy, shiny and bluish-black when mature.

- Common in thickets from sea level to an altitude of 1,500 meters, from Ilocos Sur to Sorsogon Provinces in Luzon; and in Mindoro, Cuyo, Palawan, Dumaran, Catanduanes, Leyte, Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol and Mindanao.
- Frequently encountered in thickets along the seashore and tidal streams.
- Also occurs in the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago.

- Study of methanol extract yielded nine compounds viz., protocatechuic acid (1), caffeic acid (2), salicylic acid (3), isovanillic acid (4), ferulic acid (5), methyl caffeate (6), caffein (7), 3,6-diisopropyl-
piperazin-2,5-dione (8), scopoletin (9). (2)

- Considered febrifuge.
- Studies have intervention potential in ulcerative colitis.

Parts utilized
Roots and leaves.

- In the Philippines, root decoction used for scurvy and as mouth wash for inflamed gums.
- Root decoction used after after childbirth.
- Infusion used for yaws.
- Root decoction used as febrifuge.
- Poultices of leaves used for headache and vertigo.

- In traditional Chinese medicine, it is an ingredient in a polyherbal formulation used for the treatment of lymphoma. (3)

• Constituent Study:
Study of methanol extract yielded 9 compounds, which were isolated from the plant for the first time. (See constituents above) (2)
• Measurement of Protocatechuic Acid: Invention discloses an accurate and quick method for measuring the content of protocatechuic acid in Jasminum elongatum. (4)
• Intervention of Ulcerative Colitis / Total Glycosides: Metabolomics study evaluated the intervention effect of total glycosides from J. elongatum in a mice model of ulcerative colitis. Results showed significant reduction of mice colonic injury, significantly (p<0.01) increased SOD activity and significantly (p<0.01) lowered MPO activity and MDA level. (5)

- Wildcrafted.

- Dried stems and leaves in the cybermarket.

Updated September 2018 / July 2016

Photo © Godofredo Stuart / StuartXchange

Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
Jasminum elongatum
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Traditional Chinese medicine for treating lymphoma  / CN104758541A / CN Application
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