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Family Rubiaceae
Dentella repens (Linn.) J.R.Forst & G.Forst

Xiao ya cao

Scientific names  Common names
Campanula repens Lour. Dilang-butiki (Tag.)
Dentella matsdae Hayata Creeping lickstoop (Engl.) 
Dentella minima Zipp. ex Span. Creeping dentella (Engl.) 
Dentella repens (Linn.) J.R.Forst. & G.Forst  
Dentella stolonifera Montrouz.  
Hedyotis repens (L.) Lam.  
Heymia rigida Dennst.  
Lipaya telephioides Endl.  
Oldenlandia repens L.  
Dilang-butiki is a common name shared by: (1) Hedyotis philippensis, magdadakan, and (2) Dentella repens
Dentella repens (L.) J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. is an accepted name The Plant List

Other vernacular names
CHINESE: Xiao ya cao.
INDONESIA: Kremah, Krokot putih, Mata yuyu.
MALAYSIA: Bunga karang.
VIETNAMESE: Co rang nho, Ren.

Dilang-butiki is a prostrate, nearly or quite smooth, somewhat succulent, slender, branched, herbaceous annual weed, rooting at the nodes. Leaves are narrowly oblong-obovate to narrowly elliptic, and 1 centimeter long or less. Flowers are stalkless, white, about 2 millimeters long, and borne singly in the axils of the leaves. Fruit is an indehiscent capsule, ovoid, about 4 millimeters long, crowned by the sepal, usually densely hairy and many seeded. Seeds are small, angular, reticulate and dark brown.

- A weed in open, waste places in and about towns at low and medium altitudes throughout the Philippines.
- Introduced from Mexico.
- Also occurs in India to southern China and through Malaya to Australia and Polynesia.

Parts used
Leaves, roots.

- Malays used the plant for poulticing sores.
- In the Nalbari district, Assam, crushed warm leaf is given for loose motion in infants. Plant juice is taken once daily for blood pressure. (1)
- In eastern Uttar Pradesh, leaves are used for blood ailments to purify the blood. It is also used to improve eyesight damaged by high blood sugar. Also, used as laxative. (3)
- In India, leaves are used for poulticing sores. (4)

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IMAGE SOURCE: / Dentella repens (L.) J.R.Forster - RUBIACEAE - Dicotyledon / Non-commercial use / Copyright Status Uncertain / Click on image to link to image source / Open Source for Weed Assessment in Lowland Paddy Fields <http://www.oswaldasia.org/> / OswaldAsia

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Dentella repens / Synonyms / The Plant List

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