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Understudied Plants

List of understudied plants

This list was created in response to many inquiries from young researchers asking for a listing of understudied Philippine medicinal plants. Many are indigenous plants, some are plants in limited distribution in Southeast Asian countries—little studied, their record of folkloric medicinal uses slowly disappearing with the dying culture of albularyos and alternative healers. the sway of prescription phamaceuticals. and the continued denigration by physicians.


Abuab / Lophopetalum toxicum
Agusais / Palm grass
/ Tailed maidenhair
/ Ehretia philippinensis
Aligbangon / Climbing flower cup / Floscopa scandens
Alimomog / Ehretia naves
Ambal / Pycnarrhena malinensis
American Maidenhair fern
Anahaw / Fan palm
Atibulnak / Rubus pectinellus
Apurau / Bulrush
Badok / Cudweed
Baging-galapok /
Bakwit / Tropical cupgrass
Bamboo ginger / Luyang itim?
Bangisi /Aristolochia sericea
Bayating / Tinomiscium philippinense
Biniuang / Clerodendrum bethuneanum
Bolongeta / Ebony tree
Botgo / White fig
Boto / Beach napauka
Brunfelsia / Lady of the night
Bulakan / Merremia
Chang-bato / Kilwar
Chestnut tree / Money tree
Climbing bird’s nest fern / Microsorum punctatum
Crabgrass / Digitania sanguinalis
Cosmos / Cosmos sulphurous
Dapo-sa-boho / Ant plant
Dikit-dikit (Ticktree)
Drooping knotweed / Polygonum pubescens
Dudoa / Hydnocarpus alcalae
Dungon-late / Looking glass tree
Estrella / Isotoma longiflora
Galamai-amo / Schefflera insularum
Galo / Anacolosa frutescens
Gubas / Sesendok / Endospermum peltatum
Ipil / ironwood
Kaliñgag / Kalingag tree
Kubi / Artocarpus nitidus
Lingaro / Elaeagnus trifler
Magdadakan / Genie's tongue
Malabato / False buckwheat
Mali-mali / Leea aculeata
Mani-manian / Golden glory
Melon-daga / Mouse cucumber
Nito / Red finger fern
Pasaw na hapay / Water primrose
Payapa / Hairy fig
Posuka / OaTylophora brevipes
Pakpak-lauin na babae / Large-leaved spleenwort
Payau / Homalomena philippinensis
Payung-payungan / Tacca palmata
Rain lily / Zephyranthes rosea
Sabi / indian cress
Salasik-lupa / False buttonweed / Hedyotis verticillata
Salong / Manila copal
Sambong-gala / Pterocaulon redolens
Sapnit / Caesalpinia latisiliqua
Sapote / Ebony persimmon
Sara-sara / Strophanthus caudatus
Sidit / Helmet flower
Siit / Cat's claw
Sitaw / Yardlong cowpea
Soldier's orchid
Stephania / Stephania merrillii
Suliak-daga /
Supa / Kerosene tree
Suso-susoyan / rattle box / Crotalaria quinquefolia
Tairas / Sweet spurge
Talig-harap / Mussaenda anisophylla
Tambal / Cardwell lily
Tanghas / Myristica simiarum
Tangisang-bayauak / Red stem fig
Tawa-tawa / Grammatophyllum scriptum / Bell orchid)
Tarambulo / Solanum ferox / Hairy-fruited eggplant
Tula-tula / Blue blade / Mallotus floribundus
Usiu / Zigzag bamboo / Dinochloa scandens
Utong / Nipple plant
Yellow ginger / Wild ginger / Hedychium flavescens
Zamioculcas / ZZ Plant
Zinnia / Zinnia elegans

Updated August 2019
New plant names needed
The compilation now numbers about 1,100 medicinal plants. I believe there are hundreds more that can be added to the collection. The last 100 plants came with great difficulty, many by happenstance, some by suggestion of site visitors. The basic information needed is the local plant name, any known folkloric medicinal use, with a scientific name (preferably) or a photo. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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Modified June 2019
October 2018

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