The Complete Updated List of Philippine Medicinal Plants in Tsagalog and English
Abuse and Plagiarism of the Compilation on Philippine Medicinal Plants Under the Guise of Fair Use
Herb / Drug Interactions
Bungbungtit (Carter's curse) 7/13 Chico-mamei (Marmalade plum) 7/13 Indian borage 7/14 Mansanitas (Jujube plum) 7/14
Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia) 7/15 Pintado (Wild poinsettia) 7/15 Malakafe (Ceylon boxwood) 7/16 Lobio (Hairy carpet weed) 7/16
Duranta (Golden dew drop) 7/17 Saligao 7/17 Sabungai (Longevity spinach) 7/17 Kalabua (Duck lettuce) 7/18
Trompang elepante (Indian heliotrope) 7/19 Pinyang pula (Red pineapple) 7/20 Bulak-damo (Blood flower) 7/21 Yacon (Potato bean) 7/21
Pipinong-gubat (Creeping cucumber) 7/22 Pantug-pantugan (Tinkling bell grass) 7/24 Tiker (Matting rush) 7/25 Kabiki (Spanish cherry) 7/26
Insulin plant 7/27 Sulasi (Holy basil) 7/27 Sword leaf dianella 7/28 Neem (Holy tree) 7/29
Hoya (Porcelain plant) 7/30 Chang-bato (Kilwar) 7/30 Sagai-uak (Curamja) 8/1 Serpent fern (Wart fern) 8/1
Tairas (Sweet spurge) 8/3 Busbusi (Hairy frogfruit) 8/4 Sage weed 8/5 Sikir (Hairy crabweed) 8/6
Phalsa (Asiatic grewia) 8/6 Malatabako (Soft elephant foot) 8/7 Tambal (Cardwell lily) 8/7 Tangan-tangan (Castor oil plant) 8/7
Langkawas na pula (Shell gingers) 8/8 Sabi (Indian cress) 8/8 Melon-daga (Mouse cucumber) 8/9 Tan-ag (Guest tree) 8/9
Mexican tarragon (Mint marigold) 8/10 Kantutan (Stink vine) 8/11 Libas (Wild mango) 8/12 Sibat-sibatan (Tanglehead) 8/13
Paragis (Wire grass) 8/13 Repolyo (Cabbage) 8/14 Hikau-hikauan (Cork tree) 8/15 Cujete (Calabash tree) 8/15
Mountain thistle (Leopard's tongue) 8/16      
Cloves 2/13 Bogo (Burus) 2/14 Acerola (Barbados cherry) 2/22 Culantro (Sawtooth coriander) 4/18
Jaboticaba (Brazilian grape tree) 4/20      
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