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Plants with Known Toxicity

List of toxic plants

This is a list in progress, far from complete, added on as I do the updating of the medicinal plants for scientifc studies. While some are known in the rural grapevine for their toxicity, many, surprisingly, are not. The toxicities are quite varied: arrow poison use, abortifacient properties. hallucinogenic effects, liver, renal, and other organ toxicities. Many have short-term gastrointestinal effects. Some toxicities are dose-dependent; some are toxic simply because of over-consumption of certain plant parts. Sometimes toxicity is brought about by herb-drug interactions. Some have caused accidental deaths, while some have been used with suicidal or homicidal intent.

Abuab / Lophopetalum toxicumBali-bali
Apanang-gubat / Japanese boneset (?)
Arrow leaf
Belladona / Atropa bella dona
Bias-biasan (Paspalum scrobiculatum)
Binahian / Star gooseberry
Buta-buta / Excoecaria agallocha
Calico flower (Dutchman’s pipe)
Campanero / Yellow bell / Cascabela thevetia
Castor plants
English rubber vine
Estrella / Star of Bethlehem
Jerusalem cherry / Solanum pseudo-capsicum
Komprey (Comfrey)
Lanot (Senecio scandena)
Luhang dalaga / Zig-zag plant / Euphorbia tithylamoides
Nami (Intoxicating yam)
Nandina / Sacred bamboo
Paraiso (Bead tree)
Pong-pong / Cerebra odollam
Putat / Fish killer tree
Saga / Rosary bead
Sirit-sirit / African tulip tree
Talong-talongan / Bitter apple
Talumpunay / Thorn apple
Tangan-tangan (castor oil plant)
Trompeta / Brugmasia suaveolens
Tubang-bakod / Purging nut tree
Tubli / Poison vine
Saga / Rosary beads
Wolfsbane / devil’s helmet / Aconitum spp.


Updated October 2019
If you are aware of a plant in the medicinal plant compilation with known toxicity not included in the above list. please send the name to: <godofredo.stuart@yahoo.com>
Additional Sources and Suggested Readings
Beware, These Philippine Plants Could Kill You / Pinoy Top Tens
New plant names needed The compilation now contain more than 1,100 medicinal plants.The last 100 plants came with great difficulty, many by happenstance, a few contributed to or suggested by site visitors. I believe there are hundreds more that can be added to this compilation. Please send suggestions for inclusion with as much of the following information: local plant name, scientific name, known folkloric medicinal use, and a photo.
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